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  • Henry Schoenfield

Sea glass

Several months ago, one of my clients spoke about sea glass and how he and his spouse have a large collection of glass from walks on the beach. At the time, I had not really discovered how close we live to the ocean - much less the treasures that can be found walking on the beach.

Since then, I've come to love finding these pieces of broken glass. They remind me not only of the treasures that are often waiting for us to find. Sea glass also reminds me of how doing our work over time softens the sharp edges that all of us can have.

While I've thought about posting pictures of the sea glass that I've found, discovering this large piece yesterday afternoon gave me the impetus to do it this morning.

What treasures await us today? What is present in our world just waiting to be seen? What are the edges that call out for softening? In what ways are we getting invited to attend to them today?

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