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Working together

We're all on a path

The question is - is it the path that we want? The path that we are choosing?

It's far too easy to sleepwalk through life. And in all honesty, sleepwalking is fine for most people.

Until it's not. 

Until we experience some disruption - until we sense an invitation to something deeper.

And then our path can be a path of becoming. 

And that's where guidance comes along. Not so much to tell us what to do as to listen deeply - and help us listen to our lives deeply - so that what is hidden can be made manifest.


Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you're talking with a trusted friend that wisdom emerges from within – what you've known all along but that you didn't know that you knew?


This is the heart of the practice of Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction.


But there's even more to it than the words that are being used – the language of bodily sensation and feeling – these can also point us to the wisdom within. And even more so when all three come together – thoughts, sensations, feelings.


In Spiritual Direction / Deep Listening, we attend to the movement of all three to allow guidance to come through – to nurture our relationship to that which is greater than us, no matter what we call this reality.

Retreats & Workshops

Focused time set apart - time to be present to Presence - to be with each other. 

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