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  • Henry Schoenfield

Holding in the Divine Heart

I've noted many times before - and will, no doubt, note many times more what a blessing this beach has been - especially during these times.

But this post isn't about the blessing of this beach. Rather, it's about another blessing during this pandemic - the blessing of spiritual community.

Since March, at least several times a week, I have sat in centering prayer with a group of people who are mostly in California and other parts of this West Coast. We have been a wisdom circle together - supporting each other's lives and practice during these times.

This morning, as we gathered, today's leader asked for a word or two from each of us - about what is coming from our hearts - what our hearts need. The words that came from my heart were: tender witness.

And as I sat in the tender witness of my heart, I was aware not only of the conscious suffering that I take on, but also of their suffering - the suffering of smoke and smog and fires.

And that brings me back to this beach - and the blessing of cool fresh air - something that my spiritual community is not experiencing today. And as I walk this stretch of beach, I offer these steps, this breath, and this prayer for those who cannot breathe so easily today. And I hold them too - in the tender witness of my heart - in the tender witness of the Divine heart.

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