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Spiritual Direction/ Deep Listening

Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction


Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you're talking with a trusted friend that wisdom emerges from within – what you've known all along but that you didn't know that you knew?


This is the heart of the practice of Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction.


But there's even more to it than the words that are being used – the language of bodily sensation and feeling – these can also point us to the wisdom within. And even more so when all three come together – thoughts, sensations, feelings.


In Spiritual Direction / Deep Listening, we attend to the movement of all three to allow guidance to come through – to nurture our relationship to that which is greater than us, no matter what we call this reality.


If you sense a desire to deepen in your relationship with yourself, Spirit, the Universe, God (as you know them/her/him), contact me for a complimentary consultation.


Benefits of Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose

  • Develop a closer relationship with Spirit, the Universe, or God

  • Find guidance and support in times of challenge

  • Experience greater peace and well-being


What to Expect in a Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction Session

  • A safe and confidential space to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences

  • A compassionate and non-judgmental listener who will support you on your journey

  • A focus on your inner wisdom and guidance

  • An opportunity to explore your relationship with Spirit, the Universe, or God


Contact Me


If you're interested in learning more about Deep Listening / Spiritual Direction, please contact me. I offer individual sessions in person, by phone, or online.


I look forward to hearing from you!

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