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Spiritual Direction

Are you a spiritual seeker but not a part of a religious tradition?

Or are you serious about deepening your faith life and spiritual practice?


Spiritual direction might be for you.


Spiritual companioning or spiritual direction is a focused relationship on how you experience divine presence and longing in your daily life.


As humans, we are meaning-making creatures and hunger for meaning. However, all too often, meaning that comes from the outside doesn't quite fit. In spiritual direction, I will meet you at the stage of development where you are and help you to nourish your relationship with the Divine; however you perceive her/him/it to be.


Many people seek spiritual direction because they are at a point of crisis or transition and want to experience a deeper connection. Others have already committed themselves to a faith tradition and want to deepen their own practice.


Whether you are a spiritual, non-religious seeker or a committed person of faith, CONTACT ME TODAY for a complementary 30-minute discovery session to see if Spiritual Direction is right for you.

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