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  • Henry Schoenfield

Lectio on Logion 17

Yeshua says, Your own eyes cannot see your human ears do not hear, your physical hands cannot touch and what is inconceivable to the human mind — that I will give you!

Gospel of Thomas, Logion 17 Translation by Lynn Bauman

"...what is inconceivable...."

Living One, the Christ beyond the realm time and space that we can see, you reveal yourself in perception far too subtle for the conceivability of our ordinary experience. And yet, it is your way to reveal life, mercy, grace, and love. Cleanse our perception this day. Open the eye of our heart that we may see you in all, through all. And may all see you through our words, our efforts, and our actions this day — for it is in the name of your great revealing love that I make this prayer. Amen

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