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  • Henry Schoenfield

Show Up & Let Go

This morning was one of those days. If it weren’t for it clearly being Thursday, I would have thought it to be Monday. A wild, wicked Monday with an attitude to boot. But it wasn’t Monday and some unusual energy was coursing through the universe.

It would have been very easy to personalize this one. There was heavy traffic where there usually isn’t. It took much more time to get to the train station than it usually would have. I ended up having to rebook a train fare at significant cost. And yet, through all of this, I could feel the energy that could have overwhelmed and frustrated me. And I could let it go.

We have one job in life—to show up. To show up and to keep showing up. The outcome is out of our hands. It’s the showing up that we can commit to. And do it over and over no matter what.

This morning, by committing to showing up, I made the second train. And sure, it cost me more than I was anticipating. And, along the way, I got to chat with many fellow empaths about the wild energy that I experienced. Turns out, they felt it too. In the end, I actually felt good about the experience because having awareness of it meant that I was attuned enough to the cosmos to know that something was going on. I didn’t cause it and I didn’t need to take responsibility. I just needed to show up and let go of the outcome.

How are you being called to show up today?

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